January 3, 2016


We have four courses available to you.  The Intensive, Performer and Advanced Courses each last one week and for those of you short on time, we offer our Short Course!  It has an extremely busy 3-day schedule.

Each of our four courses has a core curriculum which includes a combination of Private Lessons, Technique Classes, Masterclass or Performance Class and Piano Coaching sessions. We also offer extra classes that you can combine with the core curriculum to create your own bespoke summer school experience!

If you’re still not sure which course is right for you, then contact us and we will be happy to help design the ideal curriculum for you.

A little note…  All extra option classes must have a sign up of 5 players in order to run.

Compare all the courses in this table and then click on each activity for a full description.

(July 26 - 28)
Fees£600-- Register Now!£490 -- Register Now!£425 -- Register Now!£290 -- Register Now!
Private Lessons2221
Masterclass Performance1100
Piano Coaching Sessions2211
Technique Classes5221
Orchestral Audition Class1NoNoNo
Chamber Music Coaching0001
Flute Choir Sessions0Optional ExtraOptional Extra2
Performance Class001 1
Morning Warm Up ClassOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional Extra
Explore Circular BreathingOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional Extra
Baroque ClassOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional Extra
Performance Psychology WorkshopOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional ExtraNo
Music College Audition ClassOptional ExtraOptional ExtraOptional ExtraNo

Don’t go yet… there’s more!

  • recitals from 4 of the staff tutors
  • an ‘extra group class’ for the whole summer school to attend on the opening night.  Extra group classes in the past have included Percussion workshops, Baroque Classes, Improvisation workshops, Circular Breathing Classes and Feldenkrais workshops
  • daily masterclasses to attend
  • a chance for students on the Intensive, Performer or Advanced Courses to perform in the Final Student Concert
  • a concert given by members of the Short Course

Further details

Private Lessons

A one-to-one private lesson with one of our world class tutors. All private lessons are 45 mins and will do our best to accommodate requests for specific tutors.


Masterclass Performance

Perform a piece in front of the whole summer school, then work in a supportive environment with our internationally renowned tutors to take your playing to the next level.


Piano Coaching Sessions

30 minute piano coaching sessions with our fantastic pianists give you the chance to rehearse for your masterclass and the final concert. It’s also a good opportunity to try new repertoire.


Technique Classes

Fun and informative, our technique classes will help provide motivation and showcase different approaches to the many fundamentals of playing the flute.


Orchestral Audition Class

Learn how to nail those infamously difficult orchestral auditions.  Our tutors share their unique insights, experience and practice methods to help you learn an important and difficult skill.


Chamber Music Coaching

Ensembles are created with great care in order to ensure maximum enjoyment and learning opportunities.   Our tutors are all expert chamber musicians, and one will work with your newly formed chamber group to lead you through rehearsals to a final performance opportunity!


Flute Choir Sessions

Play in a flute choir with your fellow students.  After some coached rehearsals you’ll be performing in the short course concert. You might even get the chance to play the alto or bass flute!



Performance Class

A mini masterclass attended only by other students on your course.  Practice performing in an encouraging environment and gain confidence.



Morning Warm Up Class

Wake up your flute muscles with our morning warm up class. 45 minutes split between  mindfulness meditation and technical warm up.



Explore Circular Breathing

Learn circular breathing from the master, Ian Clarke!



Introduction to Performance Psychology

A lunchtime workshop with Lee Holland sharing insights on how develop your own performance psychology tool box.


Baroque Class

A lunchtime workshop with Liz Dooner sharing her valuable insights into the world of Baroque and Baroque flute.


Music College Audition Class

Got an college audition coming up? Prepare in advance under the guidance of tutors that regularly sit on Music College audition panels.