February 20, 2017



Here are some frequently asked questions with answers!

  • Will you provide towels and are there laundry facilities?

Answer: Yes and yes!

  • Do I need a music stand?

Answer: Although not vital, a music stand is useful if you wish to practice in your room and if it isn’t too much to trouble to bring it then please do.

  • Is there a concert for the students to perform in? 

Answer: There is a concert on the final night for the students.  We have a time limit for this performance of c.5mins and there is no set dress code – people tend to go smart/casual.

  • What time does the course finish and what time should I book the train for?

Answer:  The course finishes on the Friday evening and departures are the next morning.  A train sometime between 9am and 11am would work.

  • Do I need to bring my piano accompaniments?

Answer:  Yes! Although extremely talented, our pianists prefer that you bring music with you as they do not know every part by memory.  🙂



Do you need to know something not listed above?


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