January 4, 2016

Important Information

Find out all the important information that you need to know here!

Students must be 16 years of age or over. We can only accept students under 16 if they attend with a parent or guardian.

Arrivals are on Sunday 23rd July with an introduction at around 4.45pm and classes starting after dinner The final concert will be in the evening of Friday 28th July and departures will be on Saturday 29th July before 10am.

A deposit must be paid at time of booking to secure your place and is not refundable. Your deposit (£150 for Intensive, Performer and Ensemble, £75 for Short Course) forms the first portion of your fees with the remainder payable by the 8th of June 2017.

We can accept international transfer payments, but all bank charges must be paid by the student. These fees vary from bank to bank – speak to your own bank about the best way to do it.

The course organisers reserve the right to alter the contents of the course if necessary.  Tutor requests are taken into account but it is not always possible to guarantee exact matches.

Sorry we can’t accept credit card payment yet, but we can accept payments in Sterling by international transfer. Bank charges for transfers if applied must be covered by the student. These charges vary from bank to bank, so speak to your own bank for advice. No charges will be applied by our bank as long as the payment is made in Sterling.

You are advised to insure against cancellation due to illness as fees are non refundable.