Peter Lloyd



“There is so much to say about Peter. He has had such an enormous impact on flute playing around the world that it is difficult to overstate his legacy. The diaspora of his students is truly international and far-reaching. He was a rare talent, and an all round brilliant human being, who was universally loved and respected.

Anyone who met Peter Lloyd, even once, remembered him for his stories, his endless good humour and his generosity. I was lucky enough to study with him in Manchester, and then we started the Scottish International Flute Summer School together. His teaching was life changing, he had a solution for everything, and unlocked potential again and again. His classes were legendary, always inspiring, informative and positive, and quite often we would all end up in the bar afterwards. His deep knowledge and musicality underpinned everything, and he managed to motivate everyone with kindness while pushing for the highest standards.

The idea for the summer school came when we met for lunch one day, not long after I had completed studies at RNCM. He always loved visiting Scotland, and we cooked up a plan. I ran the course, deciding on the programme, and he was happy to take on whatever teaching I threw at him. It was typical of him to empower his students – he was always happy to support, but also happy for me to run with my own ideas to develop the course. Over the years, as I gained more experience, and with Peter’s encouragement I gradually took on more teaching alongside Peter’s amazing master classes. As the course grew, we invited some great colleagues and friends to join us and the course has evolved into one of the most popular flute courses in the UK.

Peter was one of those rare life enhancing people who always had a positive effect on a room full of people. He was an inspiration to so many, he was always a pleasure to spend time with, and I will miss him enormously.”


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