INTENSIVE PERFORMER - Perform in a masterclass, 2 individual Lessons, Daily Technique Classes, 2 Piano Coaching Sessions, 2 Orchestral Excerpts Classes. Advanced Performer - Perform in a Mini-Masterclass, 2 Individual lessons, 2 Technique Classes, 2 Piano Coaching Sessions or Day Auditor

We have two residential only courses available for you – the Intensive Performer and the Advanced Performer.  We accept a maximum of 20 Intensive Performers and 18 Advanced Performers.  Each year we are oversubscribed so please register early to avoid missing out!

For those who wish to audit or are short on time, we offer our non residential day passes.

Each course has the core content described in the picture above plus both the Intensive Performer and the Advanced Performer can

  • Attend Recitals by 4 of the staff tutors
  • Observe Daily Masterclasses
  • Perform in the Final Student Concert
  • Perform in or attend chamber music concert given by the students

and we also have extra classes that you can add to create your own bespoke summer school experience!

These EXTRA CLASSES include

  • Morning Warm Up
  • Baroque Class
  • Circular Breathing Class


  • Private Lessons
  • Baroque Flute Lessons
  • Piano Coaching Sessions
  • Performance Psychology Session

FINALLY we offer some ensemble playing options for you to consider

  • Flute Choir
  • Small Chamber Ensembles

If you are not sure which course is right for you, then contact us and we will be happy to help.


*Please note that this year the tuition fee and the accommodation costs are combined.



Fees include tuition and 6 nights full board accommodation

Full board accommodation includes


Compare Courses

Please compare both courses in the table below and click on each activity for a full description.

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 Intensive PerformerAdvanced PerformerDuration 
Fees - Tuition and Full Board £1095-- Register Now!£895 -- Register Now!
Masterclass Performance1045 minutes
Mini Masterclass0130 minutes
Technique Classes5245 minutes
Piano Coaching Sessions2230 minutesOptional Extra for £30
Private Lessons2245 minutesOptional Extra for £50
Orchestral Excerpts Class245 minutes
Baroque ClassOptional ExtraOptional Extra2 x 45 minutes£30
Morning Warm Up ClassOptional ExtraOptional Extra5 x 45 minutes£30
Explore Circular BreathingOptional ExtraOptional Extra45 minutes£30
Individual Performance Psychology SessionOptional ExtraOptional Extra30 minutes£30
Flute Choir SessionsOptional ExtraOptional ExtraRehearsal duration to be confirmed£30
Chamber MusicOptional ExtraOptional Extra2 x 45 minute sessions£50

Full board includes 3 star en suite accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, biscuits and evening snacks!



Daily Morning Warm Up (£30), Baroque Class (£30) and Circular Breathing (£30) for £72 only – that’s 20% off!

Session Details:

Private Lessons

Receive a one-to-one private lesson with one of our world class tutors. All private lessons are 45-minutes and we do our best to accommodate requests for specific tutors.

Masterclass Performance

A 45-minute slot where you perform in front of the whole summer school and then work in a supportive environment with our internationally renowned tutors to take your playing to the next level.

Piano Coaching Sessions

Two 30-minute piano coaching sessions with our fantastic pianists will give you the chance to rehearse for your masterclass and the final concert.  It’s also a good opportunity to try new repertoire.

Technique Classes

Our informative technique classes will explore different approaches to the many fundamentals of playing the flute.  Each Class will have a maximum of 10 students in order to keep things intimate. 

Orchestral Excerpts Classes

Learn how to nail those infamously difficult orchestral auditions.  Our tutors share their unique insights, experience and practice methods to help you learn an important and difficult skill.  Advanced Performers can sit in and observe these classes as an additional extra.

Flute Choir Sessions

Play in a flute choir with your fellow students and work towards performing a concert at the end of the week! 


A mini masterclass attended only by other students on your course.  This is a scaled-down version of our Masterclasses which will allow you to perform in an encouraging and intimate environment.

Morning Warm Up Class

Wake up your flute muscles with our morning warm up class. 45 minutes split between  mindfulness meditation and technical warm up.

Explore Circular Breathing

A 45 minute class where you can learn circular breathing from the master, Ian Clarke!

Baroque Class

This year Lis Dooner will lead two linked workshops sharing her valuable insights into the world of Baroque and Baroque flute and bring baroque flutes for you to try!

Individual Performance Psychology Session

After the success of Lee Holland’s introductory workshop to Performance Psychology last year we are now delighted to offer one-to-one sessions.  This 30 minute slot will include an initial assessment (pre course) to identify and assess your unique challenges and strengths before helping you develop valuable mental skills to perform at high levels.  Further information on Lee Holland’s work.

Chamber Music

Play in a small chamber ensemble and receive two coaching sessions which last 45 minutes each.